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Upcoming Camps & Clinics

*For all off-ice sessions, players are to dress in their lower gear with tennis shoes/sneakers/runners.
Davis Hockey Clinic-Kaliseum
Davis Hockey Clinic-Kaliseum
Multiple Dates
Oct 10, 2023, 3:20 PM – 5:15 PM
1900 Fairgrounds Rd, Kalkaska, MI 49646, USA


"We absolutely love Bobby Davis. Bobby is one of the best skills coaches with which my boys have trained. He has a unique ability to design complex multistage drills that challenge stick-handling, passing and skating ability, and he also breaks those drills down into digestible components. No mistake goes by without corrective instruction. We skate with Bobby whenever he is available."

Greenwich, CT

Wayne Jervis



Book a week with Instructor Davis. Get back on the ice and learn some of his patented moves and techniques that made Bobby Davis a household name when he played for the Northeastern University Howlin' Huskies. 

Instructor Davis will also help hone your speed with the puck and your power skating skills.

Take a look at our schedule and book a slot today!


Book an hour at a time with Instructor Davis. 

Whether you just want to get your skater back on the ice or you want that skater to take his or her game to the next level, sign up for just an hour with Instructor Davis. It will be time well spent!

Instructor Davis will take skaters through high-level drills that improve skating, speed, speed with the puck, quickness, puck handling through traffic, and shooting.

Just take a look at our on-ice schedule and come on out!


Get that game to the next level with Instructor Davis.

Get back on the ice and work on the skills that will enhance your game the right way. You will be taught by a seasoned professional who has played at the highest levels of hockey. You choose the areas of your game you would like to hone and Instructor Davis will create a training plan specifically for you.

Just contact us and we will get you all set up!


At DAVIS HOCKEY©, we focus on stick skills, skating and skating with the puck. Our objective is to help develop players who can create plays. In game situations, players hope to have the opportunity to have the puck and make something happen. We develop the requisite skills to accomplish that, such as finding open ice, getting to the puck quickly, handling the puck properly once one has acquired it, keeping one's head up with the puck and moving with and without the puck effectively.


One of the most important aspects of the game of hockey is to play with one's head up, alertly surveying the surroundings, so he or she knows when, where and to whom to move the puck. Many coaches expect their players to play with their heads up, but the problem lies in the fact that keeping one's head up is a skill, not a decision. We help ingraine this ability in players by developing the proper muscle memory, so when it is time to play in a game, they have the ability to confidently play with their head up and on a swivel.


Both skating and handling the puck are necessary skills that are critical if a player wishes to continue developing his or her game. Because game situations move at the speed of light, players must possess the ability to avoid the opposition and counter their objective. At DAVIS HOCKEY©, we work on game situation movements with puck control and skating ability, so our players feel enabled to react to situations and shift their body laterally in a way that will geometrically open up time and space so they can make the proper plays in real time. Because of the skills and confidence DAVIS HOCKEY© will bring to their puck-handling and skating game, players will want the puck more because they will feel comfortable in their ability to make plays in real game situations. Instructor Davis has real-life experience, on and off the ice, to properly break down movements and teach the fundamentals in a way that most other instructors are unable, by empowering players to take away exercises that they can repeatedly practice and master on their own time and at their own pace. Instructor Davis takes the time with each individual to ensure a proper understanding of these fundamentals, including giving the players the 'whys' behind each movement, and how those movements become practical in game situations.


At DAVIS HOCKEY©, we understand how important it is to have fun playing hockey. The best part about the DAVIS HOCKEY© format is that Instructor Davis takes the time to help the players enjoy the game more. Sports are played because they are fun, and players have more success when they are having fun. At DAVIS HOCKEY©, we equip players with the tools they need to build the requisite confidence in their abilities on the ice that lead to success and enjoyment of the sport of hockey!

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