DAVIS HOCKEY© will equip hockey players with the knowledge, skill and fundamentals necessary to further develop their game, so they can have more confidence and fun while playing in game situations. All of our instructors are hand-picked by Head Instructor Davis and exemplify the professionalism, skill, experience, patience and dedication to teaching that is necessary to shape the future stars of tomorrow.


At Davis Hockey, we use only the best hockey instructors. You can be assured that our staff is composed of professionals who either have or are currently playing high-level hockey.


Head Instructor

 Bobby Davis is a native of Woodhaven, Michigan, with a playing career in the USHL, NCAA Division I (Northeastern University, Hockey East) and professional hockey.


     As a Head Coach in Junior Hockey, Instructor Davis helped several players move on to various college programs. Over the past two seasons, Instructor Davis has worked as a scout for the Des Moines Buccaneers in the USHL and the IHC Islanders in the NCDC. With his vast knowledge in skill development and his large scouting network, Instructor Davis thrives on helping players move to the next level to play college and professional hockey.

Master Instructor Davis

Turcotte Stickhandling School


Instructor Davis has worked as a skills coach, developing many high-level players over the past 20 years, working as a head instructor for Turcotte Stickhandling, The German Hockey Federation, and Maxx Hockey out of Merrimack College. Instructor Davis has also spent time in Hong Kong working as a Master Stickhandling Instructor.

Head Skills Coach

Gaylord Blue Devils



Skills instructor for Gaylord High School Varsity and JV teams.


Director of Player Development & Head Coach

Long Beach Sharks (NA3HL)


Instructor Davis also has eight years of Junior Hockey coaching experience as a Head Coach. He spent five seasons with the Palm Beach Hawks in the USPHL and three seasons with the Long Beach Sharks in the NA3HL.


Des Moines Buccaneers



While in the USHL with the Des Moines Buccaneers in 1995, Davis won a National Championship, leading the USHL in scoring in the Clark Cup Playoffs leading up to that.

NCAA Division I College

Northeastern University


While at Northeastern University, Instructor Davis was voted 'Most Exciting Player' and 'Fan Favorite'.

Minor Pro Hockey Player

U.S. and Europe


Instructor Davis's professional hockey experience includes time in the WCHL, the CHL, Austria, France, Germany, Sweden, and Hungary.